Playing Tour Guide with Avery

I had been following Avery on Twitter for a year, so you'd imagine my surprise when she decided to visit Boston and asked me to show her around the city!

She couldn't have picked a better day; the sun was shining and the previous week was full of rain. Avery must've brought the sunshine with her, but we couldn't escape the infamous Boston wind. Both of us had tears streaming down our face the whole day! 

I showed her the Boston Public Gardens, where we met some squirrels and did some people-watching. Newbury Street was crazy crowded, but we still had fun. We got a late lunch at Joe's and toured around the Prudential Center. 

I'm so glad that I got to spend the day with Avery before she went back to Texas! If you'd like to see her content and learn more about her, you can find her Instagram here and her Twitter here!

Thanks for a great day, Avery!