My Top 5 Favorite Video Games

Say it with me: I’m a nerd and I love it.

That’s right, today we’re talking about video games! When I was in kindergarten, a boy brought a Nintendo Gameboy Color to recess and I fell in love… with the Gameboy. Since that moment, I’ve bought a numerous amount of consoles and games to entertain myself. I was lucky to grow up in a rapidly changing environment when it came to technology, so I’ve been able to experience many different types of gaming. In this post, I’m going to be sharing my favorite video games (in no particular order and without spoilers). Just a little disclaimer: I am, and will always be, a Sony girl. 

The Assassins Creed Series

Assassins Creed, made by Ubisoft, was one of my first experiences with an open-world video game and it made a lasting impression. This game has an incredible storyline that begins with one question: what if you could go back in time and live through your ancestors? I was late to the game (pun intended) and started late in the franchise, but each game has a different story. In Assassins Creed II, you are transported to the Medici period in the Italian Renaissance. In III, you find yourself in Boston participating in the Boston Tea Party. It’s a great way to experience history while fighting bad guys. The game itself is beautiful in design and graphics, which makes it easier to dive right in. I’d recommend all of the games in the series, although I haven’t played the newer releases for the PS4 and Xbox One. 

The Sims Series

The original Sims was one of the first video games I had ever played. My sister had gotten the original game as well as the expansion packs, so once she got tired of playing, I became obsessed. It’s simple: make a Sim, build them a house, get a job, start a family, chaos begins. Each expansion pack adds different experiences for your Sims to have, such as vacations, pets, seasons, etc. It doesn’t seem like a game about life would be so fun, but it is. There’s endless possibilities and challenges that you can create. My favorite in the series was the Sims 3 because I feel like it had the most content and things to do. Unfortunately, The Sims 4 isn’t compatible with my laptop anymore with the newest update, so I’m missing out on all the fun, but you can buy packages of the older games that are compatible with newer systems. 


This is my current obsession and I mean it when I say obsession. Overwatch is a classic player versus player shooting game, but the difference is that you have multiple characters to choose from, each having different abilities and weapons. Each character has strengths and weaknesses, which makes it a strategic and team-oriented game. I honestly don’t know why it’s so addicting, but once you start playing, you want to get good at it and win. There’s not really an objective, which is why it’s so surprising that it has such playability. There are multiple game types, such as random characters, capture the flag, and no limits (where you can pretty much do whatever you want). My all-time favorite characters are Zenyatta, Junkrat, and D.Va. What are yours?

Red Dead Redemption

When you play Red Dead Redemption, you’re transported back to the wild west as John Marsten, who has to fight enemy gangs that want to hurt his family. This game is a lot like Assassins Creed because it’s open world and the mechanics are similar. However, this game is gorgeous and art in itself. The world cycles through day and night, which makes for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. You can roam around endless deserts, rustic towns, and canyons. There are many side quests and things to do without changing the game objective. There’s also DLC called Undead Nightmare, which gives you a new storyline about a zombie invasion. I’m extremely excited for the next installment that comes out in 2018!

The Pokemon Series

This probably comes as no surprise to most people. Pokemon is one of the largest franchises in the world and it’s justifiable. If you’re not familiar, Pokemon takes place in a parallel world that has little creatures that can be caught by a Pokeball and then used to fight other trainers. The Pokemon are cute, the gameplay is simple, and overall, it’s just fun. You have a goal to catch all of the species of Pokemon in the world. In each installment of the series, new Pokemon are added. My favorite of the series are Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire because I grew up playing them. The newer titles are just as fun as the old, but with more activities and things to collect. I think Pokemon is a great game for all ages and will suck up a lot of your free time.

Honorable Mention: Animal Crossing

I wouldn’t consider this one of my current favorites, but Animal Crossing has always been extremely fun for me. You move into a town as the only human and meet various breeds of animals. The objective is to make friends, grow the town, and furnish your house by paying off your debt. The game works in real time, so if it’s night where you live, it’s night in the game. This makes getting certain items a challenge and brings in new mechanics to the game. I don’t consider this one a favorite because I never have enough time to play it, so my neighbors move away from neglect… It’s very sad to come back to an empty town. I would definitely recommend it for kids, however, because it teaches you about the animal kingdom and all the characters are so polite and kind. There's no violence, just cuteness!

I apologize if video games aren't your thing, just like if music wasn't your thing in my Top 5 albums post. However, I'm going to be sprinkling personal posts into my blog so you can learn more about my interests and what drives me day to day.

Let me know if there's a specific topic you'd like to know more about and I'll talk about it!