Shooting Starr

(Sorry, couldn't help myself with the punny title.)

Happy New Year! It's officially 2018. Looking back at last year, it had a lot of downs but way more ups when it came to my photography! The growth in my work has been ridiculous and I'm so happy to share more of my journey in 2018 with you guys. Thanks for sticking around and checking out my shoots every week!

My first shoot of 2018 was with Starr and we tried to stay indoors as much as possible. Massachusetts has been one big icicle for about a week now. As I'm typing this, there's about a foot of snow on the way and more coming down. Obviously, these conditions aren't the best to shoot in. So, we met up in Boston and took advantage of some public (and private) spaces to shoot. Here's the end result:


See you next week! 

Somewhere Warmer with Ali

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the cold. Living in Massachusetts during the winter proves to be difficult for me, especially when I want to shoot! Luckily, I discovered the Roger Williams Botanical Garden in Providence, Rhode Island and invited Ali along with me to forget about the cold and pretend we're somewhere tropical. Neither of us had been there before but we were pleasantly surprised. This place is like a hidden paradise underneath a pile of snow and glass. Most importantly: it was WARM! Check out our shoot below and maybe you'll feel a bit warmer, too.


App Arsenal: iOS Apps for Photographers

Hey everybody!

Today, I'm going to be listing some of my favorite apps that I use on my iPhone for editing, scheduling posts, and doing anything photo-related. Some of these apps will be paid or require in-app purchases (like most apps these days). But fret not! I will include some freebies in here as well. Let's jump into it!


Starting out with the obvious, VSCO is probably the most popular app for photographers that share their photos online. VSCO is an editing application that has a bunch of built-in presets to emulate the look of film. There's also modes for editing such as contrast, cropping, highlights/shadows, and more. They've also recently added "recipes" which let you save your edits in the app and apply them to multiple photos so you can be consistent. VSCO has a community of photographers that share their photos in a blog-like format, much like Instagram. The community is so talented and it's a great place to get some inspiration for future shoots and edits. The app does offer different packs of presets that you can purchase. I've purchased a few, but I usually only use 1-2 different presets to make sure my content looks similar. (If you're a fan of the presets on the mobile app, VSCO offers Lightroom versions of them for $59.) 

Download VSCO

Google Images

Google Images

RNI Films

A great alternative/addition to have to your editing arsenal is an app called RNIFIlms. Much like VSCO, this is an editing app with a crazy amount of film-emulating presets. I've just recently discovered this app and I liked the presets so much that I bought them for Lightroom ($59 for the Lite version, $122 for a Pro version). There's so many to choose from, like Instant Film, B&W, and Slide. RNI also has in-app purchases but they give you so many starters that I haven't found it necessary to buy more. It's also super easy to export right to Instagram from the app.

Download RNIFilms

Google Images

Google Images

Pocket Light Meter

This app saved my life during college. When you go into photography, you start with learning film with manual cameras. Manual cameras, like medium format at 4x5, don't have light meters built in, so most classes require you to buy a light meter. These can range from $100-$300. However, you can avoid this cost by downloading the free Light Meter app. It uses your phone camera to test the white balance and give you the correct settings for your camera. You choose the ISO that your film has set and it does the work for you to calculate the shutter speed and aperture. It does have some bugs, like freezing, and there are ads, but it's much more convenient to spend no money than dish out $100 for something you'll only use for a little while!

Download Pocket Light Meter


Glitché is one of my favorite photography apps to make abstract edits in. It gives you a ton of options to make your photo as trippy as you want. There are many different modes, such as Scan, Invert, VHS, and more. The app is $0.99, but you do have to pay additional money in order to use the full functions of the app. You can also make GIFs in this app with different effects and there are a lot of exporting options. This app has become super popular. Artists such as Gorillaz and Run the Jewels have used the app for album artwork, as well as Kim Kardashian for promoting her own app. Overall, it's a fun addition to your phone!

Download Glitche

Google Images

Google Images


This doesn't seem photography related, but Dropbox is the primary way I get the photos from my DSLR to my phone. I can use the wi-fi function of my camera to get RAW images over, but sometimes I want to edit them in Lightroom first and then export them to my phone. That's where Dropbox comes in. The app makes it super easy for me to save images on my Desktop and open them onto my phone. I can make all my Lightroom edits and export a smaller file version of the photo so that my phone storage doesn't get bombarded with RAW images. Dropbox gives you 1GB for free to use and I rarely run out of room. If I do, I just get rid of older images that I won't be sharing to social media anymore. It's a life-saver!

Download Dropbox iOS


Fragment is another abstract editing app for iOS. However, this one is completely unique. Fragment is a collaging tool that let's you choose different shapes and it mirrors your photo onto itself. It's very hard to explain but the app is so interesting. It does offer in-app purchases, but I haven't used many of them because they give you so much to work with in the beginning. It combines graphic design with photography and I love that about it. Honestly, this one is one that you have to play with for yourself to understand, so I highly recommend downloading it!

Download Fragment

Google Images

Google Images

So there you have it! My favorite iOS photography apps. Do you have any favorites that I didn't list here? Let me know in the comments below and I'll see you all next week!

Goatpunch at the Track Shack Final Show

I had never been to the local Allston hot spot for basement shows, but luckily, my co-worker Josh is the front for Goatpunch and I got to see the venue in all its glory before it's gone forever. The show was high energy and politically charged, as it fell on the same day as a free speech rally in Boston. As always, I had a great time seeing my friends get pumped up about music. See the shots below and relive the moment!